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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 20, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the defense secretary lashing out, defending the military's response to the ambush in africa that left four young americans dead. and the growing demands for details about that tragedy, and one senator says it may take legal action to get answers. and the new bombshell in the harvey weinstein scandal. the oscar-winning actress sharing her own story, accusing him of harassment. it comes as the lapd says it's investigating the disgraced movie mogul. and what a game, also in this half hour, the wild night in sports. the raiders and chiefs go down to the final buzzer. it was actually an exciting thursday night football game. and that's news in itself. >> as l.a. celebrates a return
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to the fall classic, world series bound. so who will they face? >> and look out. ♪ what you made me do ♪ >> look what you made her do. taylor swift on a tear. swifty nation has been whipped up into a frenzy overnight. we're going to tell you why with this late-breaking news in "the skinny". from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning to everybody on this friday as we welcome erielle to the show. we start with the pentagon and on the defensive over the ambush of the troops in my jeer. >> military brass remaining tight-lipped. the pentagon launching a
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investigation but congress wants answers now. >> they want to know specifically what caused this intelligence failure, and could more have been done to protect the troops? here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: the deadly ambush in this remote african village happened more than two weeks ago, but the pentagon is still not providing a full and coe gent narrative of how four american soldiers died after being attacked by an overwhelming force of more than 50 militants. >> subsaharan africa is a very difficult place to investigate. those conclusions will be presented. i'm not prepared to go further. >> reporter: two key questions remain. one, did the unit have the proper advanced sleintelligenced backup air and ground support in case something went wrong? officials say the unit did not expect to be in combat. >> over the last six months we had conducted 29 partnered patrols in this area without contact of any kind. >>
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did sergeant la david johnson get left behind? his body was not recovered for at least 20 hours. >> took us a little while to do that. we didn't leave him behind. and we searched until we found him, and we brought him home. >> reporter: u.s. forces have been in niger for years. >> there's a reason we have u.s. army soldiers there and not the peace corps, because we carry guns. >> reporter: as controversy swirled over the ambush in niger, the president was taking credit. for u.s. victories against isis. >> i totally changed the attitudes of the military, and they have done a fantastic job. isis is now giving up. they're giving up. they're raising their hands. they're walking off. nobody's ever seen that before. >> why did that happen? >> because you didn't have trump as your president. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, new york. senator john mccain and other members of congress have slammed the slow release of information when it comes to that ambush.
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a subpoena to get the answers he needs. >> one more note about all of this. white house chief of staff john kelly defending the president over comments made to the wife of one of the soldiers killed there in niger. the president accused of telling the pregnant mother of two that her husband knew what he signed up for. kelly said he did not receive a phone call from the white house at the time. >> president obama, who was my commander in chief when i was on active duty did not call my family. that was not a criticism. >> kelly said he was actually stunned, and in his words, broken hearted that congresswoman frederica wilson listened in on the call with the widow and labeled the president's words as disrespectful. the president also blasted the congresswoman in a
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tweet saying she lied about the content of that call. we should point out the congresswoman was a personal family friend of the young soldier that died. now to the trump administration's relief efforts in puerto rico. members of both parties are criticizing the government's response. almost a month after hurricane maria, more than three fourths of the households do not have power and many don't have clean water. when asked by a reporter to rate his administration's response, president trump gave a perfect score. >> i'd say it was a ten. it was probably the most difficult, when you talk about relief, when you talk about search, when you talk about all the different levels, i think it was worse than katrina. it was in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen. >> the governor says the island still needs more resources and that's why he came to see the president. the senate is closer to tackling tax reform. it narrowly passed a massive budget deal overnight which
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the budget is estimated to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit within ten years. rand paul was the lone republican senator to vote against it. and the democratic leader, chuck schumer called it one of the worst budgets congress has ever passed. police in los angeles have launched an investigation, a criminal one, into harvey weinstein, joining investigations already under way here in new york as well as in london. >> they've interviewed a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by weinstein four years ago. according to the los angeles times, that woman is an italian actress who says weinstein raped her after bullying his way into her hotel room. and now lupita nyong'o is the latest actress to come forward. in a "new york times" op ed she details repeated encounters with weinstein that she details as sexual harassment. >> in one of those incidents, nyong'o claims he was pushing her to have sex, telling me not to be so naïve. if i wanted to be an actress i
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sort of thing. he said he had dated famous actress x and y and look where they had gotten. >> nyong'o is one of more than 40 women accusing weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. and now to the musician, david blaine, who is also under investigation for rape by scotland yard. a former model tells ""the daily beast"", that she was assaulted by blaine at an address when she was 21 years old. the musician vehemently denies that he assaulted or raped any woman ever. o.j. simpson's release from prison earlier this month put a smile on his face. as you saw. the 70-year-old had another chance to smile for a camera this week as he took a photo for his nevada driver's license. he took his written test and reports say he is still planning to move to southwest florida. one of the most bitter
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>> kansas city was in oakland playing the raiders. alex smith there, long pass, tipped. falls right into the hands of albert wilson. that wasn't supposed to happen. >> the game had a crazy ending, also. they had to replay the final play four times because of penalties. derek carr eventually hit michael crabtree for the winning score. >> they had seven lead changes in that game. >> that's crazy. >> absolutely amazing. >> to baseball now and your jeopardy answer for thursday night. who is henrique hernandez. the question? what l.a. dodger wrecked the cubs. to clench the pennant. >> he hit three homers, including a grand slam and drove in seven in l.a.'s 11-1 win in game five. the dodgers end the cubs title
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reign and head to the world series for the first time since 1988. >> fans cheered and waved flags across the city. buildings in downtown were lit up in blue. henrique hernandez is from puerto rico and has made a delivery to the island there, he plans to go back as soon as he gets rid of some business in l.a. the last state without a target store is about to get one. >> how can this be? >> can you guess which state? and later, ed sheeran reveals what really happen after he fell off his bike and broke some bones, some calling it a proper british response. >> but first, a look at today's forecast. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ ♪ we let the story begin "world news now" weather, brought to you by sandals.
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that cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. >> check this out. quick thinking by this school bus driver, prevented an injury to 16 kids aboard. the driver smelled smoke during an afternoon trip and quickly evacuated the students. the cause of the fire still under investigation. just look at the charred
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alert. the time is up. just as the clock struck midnight. the submissions ended for cities hoping to become the home of amazon's second headquarters. >> many see this as a check boom and have been giving creative pitches. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: from giant amazon boxes turning up across birmingham, alabama to this 21-foot cactus sent as a gift. >> from tucson, arizona. with the message that their community has, quote, room to grow. more than 100 cities going all out to convince amazon to make their city the second headquarters, bringing 50,000 jobs. >> i want to be clear to amazon. on day one, the second city's your first choice. >> reporter: even cities close to the online retailer's headquarters in seattle vying for a shot. >> i would be so
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amazon here in marysville. varying from practical incentives to tax breaks, transportation and talent. >> we have a very young population, a growing population. >> reporter: while others hoping to sell their city with some very memorable approaches. the mayor of kansas city, buying 1,000 products on amazon, and leaving not-so-subtle reviews for each. >> i live in beautiful kansas city where the average home price is just $122,000. so i know luxe living doesn't have to cost a ton. >> reporter: and speaking of mayors, that job is now offered to jeff bezos of new city outside of atlanta, they'd call it what else but amazon, georgia. the bidding is now closed. and amazon won't announce the decision on where the second headquarters will be built until next year. erielle and kendis, back to you. >> it will be tough to beat stonecrest indeed. >> i vote oklahoma city. i know that's shocking. the long, national nightmare is over.
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target has finally made it to its final state that it didn't have a location, vermont. >> the green mountain state is the one and only without a target store at this point. the retailer is coming to vermont next year, building a store that's about half the size of a typical target location. why half? go for the big. >> start out slow. when we come back, taylor swift's overnight surprise. and a simpson's super mix. "the skinny" is next. simpson's super mix. "the skinny" is next. waste that weighs me down, oves the so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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♪ oh, ♪ oh, look what you made me do ♪ look what you made me to ♪ look what you just made me do ♪ >> what you made taylor do. is that your taylor swift dance moves? she's the lead of our skinny, because we have big, big, breaking news. she just dropped her brand-new song. >> you're going to hear it here, folks. laughing at my dance moves? >> i love your dance moves. >> she has a new album coming out next month. after teasing a midnight release yesterday, we now have that new
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it's called "gorgeous", and it has a lyric video to go with it, so take a listen. ♪ oceans for eyes ♪ i feel like i might sink and drown and die ♪ ♪ you're so gorgeous >> has a good ring to it. >> here's the thing with taylor swift songs, i hate them when they come out and then i'm obsessed with them later. >> so that's not all, of course. you can bet taylor's reaching out to her swifties for "reputation" which is about to be released. >> she invited a group of her super fans to her home for a listening session. can you imagine being one of the fans? they got to listen to the new album and the fans writing about
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the experience online. some brags rights there. >> those are some boots as well. earlier this year we saw ed sheeran play a soldier on game of thrones. and now after seeing what he's been through since, we can -- finally forgive him for ruining that episode of "game of thrones." >> curmudgeon. a loveable curmudgeon. earlier this week we found out he was in a bicycle accident. he broke his wrist, elbow and a rib, forcing him to cancel some tour dates, but we didn't know how tough he is. >> he told a british talk show host that his initial reaction s "that hurt." but he kept on pedaling all the way to the pub where he drank away the pain. he didn't realize it was actually broken until the next morning. how is that for a hangover? >> nothing a beer can't cure. >> and that's when he finally got the cast for it, so. next up, the simpson's and the voice of bart, pulling back the curtain on the show's legendary, iconic characters. n
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and brings a slough of other characters to life. and a clip of her doing seven simpson's voices on the internet now, check it out. >> your attention please, your attention please, i have an announcement to make, i'm bored. >> you think you're bored, what about all those poor suckers out there in the audience. >> yeah, they keep praying that their category is next. >> well, as long as they are praying and while we're at it, i get to anoint their feet. >> you keep your hands offer me, you little tweak or i'll call the cops. >> how awesome is that? >> i feel like she's going to hurt her voice. >> maybe that's why they call them voice actors, that is beautiful acting right there. >> that's strenuous. finally, let's check out how pro athletes are drive around in style. >> last year alfred morris inked a $5.5 million contract with the
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dallas cowboys. and instead of spending some of that major signing bonus on a sleek new ride, he's looking to get the most out of his 1991 mazda 626. he bought it for $2 from his pastor while he was in college. >> that's a sweet ride. >> it is as long as it runs. so he nicknamed the car bentley. and he says it helps keep him grounded. like grounded as when it breaks down. but not bad. if i can get, like a 1990 era mazda that still drives to this day, i would be all for it. >> doesn't warren buffett kind of drive around in a jalopy? >> it's not necessarily a jalopy but not what you would expect. you would expect warren buffett to be driven in a chauffeured car, but also mark zuckerberg for facebook, who is worth billions and billions of dollars, of
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ghter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ♪ we're going to end this half hour as we always do on a friday, looking back at the week through the headlines. >> and with all the news rolling in, the staff here was forced to work through a haunting of the studio. here's the friday rewind. >> let's go. >> as a firestorm closed in on santa rosa, not even hospitals were safe. patients, many on gurneys, wheeled to safety. >> numbers are up, and there is some rain in the forecast. as you can see from this melted sign how intense the flames got. >> one of the most heinous acts we've seen in our county. >> captured. police closing in on the man involved in that shooting spree,
3:56 am
gunning down his co-workers, going on the run, sparking a multi-state manhunt. >> the me too movement. millions of women across the country and around the world sharing their experience with sexual harassment and abuse online. that took off last weekend when alissa milano wrote "write me too." as a refly ply to this tweet. >> no more. we're not going to put up with this anymore. we're going to be vocal until this stops. >> fallen soldiers fallout. president trump faces new outrage after calling the widow of a soldier, reportedly saying he knew what he signed up for. >> the president disputed that. >> had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who was, sonded liunded like a woman. did not say what the congresswoman said, and most people aren't too surprised to hearha
3:57 am
taking the debate over nfl protests head on. >> we believe that our players should stand for the national anthem. that's an important part of our game and our moment. >> but no new rules or penalties for anthem protests. it comes after the nfl reveals it didn't ask player force a commitment to stand. the president taking aim at the league, tweeting, the nfl has decided it will not force players to stand for the national anthem. total disrespect for our country. >> we ain't afraid of no ghosts. what if we just beat them. does that work? >> they went to j-school. they went to journalism school. >> i think we get to see the dance moves of the marshmallow man. so the world series begins on tuesday. the dodgers versus the -- >> new york yankees! yes! >> let's hope not, let's hope not. astros.
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this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, getting personal. the white house chief of staff opens up about his son's death while defending the president's call to a soldier's family. >> absolutely stuns me. i thought at least that was sacred. >> and lasheses out at the congresswoman who criticized the call. this morning new insight into why she was listening and the growing questions over that deadly ambush in africa. speaking out, former president obama and bush on the state of today's politics. >> bigotry seems emboldened. >> and a message for america? and the decency and good will of the american people. >> what's behind their rare


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